Correction Policy

Voyageur strives for accuracy, honesty and integrity in everything we do. All Voyageur staff are required to review a code of ethics and confirm that they understand their obligations to the truth.

Occasionally, minor edits may be made to articles after initial publishing in order to fix grammar, spelling, typographical, or similar mistakes that do not affect the meaning of any article or story. In such case we will make edits without announcement. From time to time, however, we may get something wrong, and our commitment to readers is that we will immediately admit the mistake, correct it, and provide the details of what mistakes were made.

We also have written policies for our procedures and one of the procedures in the event of an error is to go back and refine the procedures to make a best effort to ensure the same or a similar mistake cannot be made again.

If you believe you have found an error that requires correction, or you have suggestions about how we can improve this policy, please email us at

Updated 20240327