The Voyageur?

Voyageurs were 18th- and 19th-century French Canadians who transported furs by canoe at the peak of the North American fur trade. The emblematic meaning of the term applies to places and times where that transportation was over long distances.

The voyageurs' strength and endurance was regarded as legendary and they were celebrated in folklore and music.

For reasons of promised celebrity status and wealth, the position was highly coveted.

Today, we honor Canadians of all stripes who have a desire to recapture the spirit of the Voyageur and are either living abroad or planning to engage in business in foreign lands.

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The Voyageur is a curated snapshot of news from Canada for Canadians abroad. Tailored for the informed and busy professional with an interest in maintaining ties to the Great White North, the Voyageur delivers news, legal, economic and other relevant updates directly into your inbox. Currently read by more fewer than 11 subscribers in 4 countries, it is quickly becoming a must-read for those interested in the staying connected to their Canadian roots.

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The Voyageur is designed for busy Canadian expatriates who want to stay connected with their home country. Our concise daily newsletter is perfect for professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone with strong ties to Canada who wants to stay informed about key issues and developments that may impact their lives abroad.

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We understand that your time is valuable, and you need a reliable source to keep you connected to Canada. That's where "The Voyageur" comes in. By cutting through the clutter, we save you time while keeping you informed about the issues that matter most to Canadians abroad.

Our team monitors, filters, and reviews a wide variety of media sources, including news outlets, government websites, and expat community forums, to bring you only the most relevant information. We focus on topics such as changes in legislation, economic developments, and cultural events that may impact your life as a Canadian living abroad.

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The Voyageur is currently published five times a week.

Hmmm… Do you have any testimonials from other people like me?

No, because this thing is BRAND NEW, but here are some testimonials from another publication we run:

“Timely, efficient, valuable. Easy reading on my phone while headed to work.”

- Daniel W. Lin, Project Officer, UNESCAP

“As a busy professional, I appreciate how The Memo curates essential regional business news into one easily digestible email. It's a real time-saver —highly recommended!”

- Daniel McKay, Executive Director, CanCham Thailand

“I used to spend hours trying to catch up and filter news I was looking for. Now, Mekong Memo does the heavy lifting, finding me the most relevant updates and analyses. It's a superb and efficient resource for anyone in the field.”

- Dan B. Fraser, Co-Founder, Smiling Albino

“The Mekong Memo is the cheat sheet every businessperson in or interested in the Mekong region needs. It's a small investment for staying in the loop effortlessly.”

- John Stevens, Managing Partner, Stonelotus Ventures

“I read multiple news sources every day, yet The Mekong Memo consistently delivers an impressive array of insightful stories that I somehow missed during the week. It helps fill my knowledge gaps in a quick, easy to digest fashion.”

- Scott Coates, ACC, PHRi, Agoda

“The minutiae of what is happening in the region does not interest me, but it is important that I stay ahead of broad trends in business. The Memo serves me very well by giving me only a quick overview of what’s going on. I don’t need more, and I don’t have time to read a variety of news sources to get the same level of insight as I can get from The Memo now.”

- Mabel Ip, Business Development Manager, Criterion Asia Recruitment

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The Voyageur is free!

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